Con-ference - 2 | S.O.A.P

We have received secret information from one of our trusted sources as to what kids of today are up to.

We have uncovered The Secret Organization Against Parents – (SOAP): An organisation founded by kids to deal with ‘real problems’.

Daily issues are brought to the table and discussed in detail, ultimately trying to cope with their ‘big’ issues.

When it comes to finding solutions to their parents’ traps, no one does it better than kids. Their game is spot on!

Today’s conference has been called to discuss a very important topic – The Next Big Thing – Summer Vacations!

So, every year parents take their children to relatives’ homes for summer vacations. Some parents make their children attend dance, drawing and painting classes. But who wants to do all that? All they want to do is play with each other.

To save themselves from all this, the kids make schemes – some successful and some unsuccessful ones. They are generally able to get their way and make the parents bow down to their wishes!

However, this time parents have a bigger and better weapon at their disposal.

Do you know what it is? Will they succeed? Or will the kids find a way out again?


Watch the video to find out!



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